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What Are the Amenities at LakeGrande condo Singapore?

Settling down in life is a big challenge. Many people today, think real hard and then decide where they want to settle down. They do that, by researching on the economy of the country and the job opportunities and then retire for good. However, not all countries can match to that of Singapore. It is one of the most powerful countries in Asia, money wise.

what are the amenities at lakegrande condo singapore

It is not surprising that you can find people from all over the world stopping by and many settling down here. They either start their own business or find jobs along with their families. You can’t blame them for that. LakeGrande condo Singapore is a brand new project that is coming up. Whether you buy a home or set up a business here, you will want to know that your money is invested for good.

Everything is accessible

That is because you have excellent transport facilities. You can walk down to the MRT stations which are located nearby. The Lakeside MRT station and Chinese Garden MRT station can be accessed with ease within few minutes walk. Traveling by train is no longer a hassle. Apart from that, you can now enjoy time with your family at the Big Box, IMM, JEM, Westgate, and JCube.

These are some of the best shopping malls in Singapore your eyes could ever see. When shopping or dining here, you can enjoy your time out. You have excellent dining, shopping, entertainment amenities, and boutique waterfront hotels. When you want to experience something out of the world, then you will want to definitely come down here.

Build by MCL Land, which is considered as the best builder in Singapore and Malaysia, the condo is definitely going to be what they claim. They have worked on successful projects and you can expect this one to top the charts. The malls present in Orchard Road, Tiong Bahru, and Haji Lane are some of the best boutique shopping enclaves.

When you plan on settling down in Singapore, then you know that you are right on track. What better to start your life after your retirement, than to settle down at Lake Grande?

Stars condo at Kovan: meet the basic need of your life here!

A residential area is a piece of land meant for people to live in their desired homes. Thus, the Stars condo at Kovan in Singapore has been a place where families and other humans have found their resident with all needs of living life happily. These places had been a bests source of survival for people being located near the MRT station.

stars condo at kovan meet the basic need of your life here

Connecting various expressways all together the condos in the locality has earned greater profits from all sources.

Location affects:

For any building to be good, especially it is their location that adds a terrific beauty to the place. Thus, some of these can be shown as:

  • Long route easy connection of all expressways for better travelling.
  • Easy comfort for courier service boys to deliver the items on time and also for the purchasers to go for huge shopping.
  • Stars of Kovan has been surrounded by nature’s enthusiastic beauty which helps to indwell healthy mind within humans.
  • The distance of other areas gets shorter especially the MRT station.

Benefits of Kovan:

Basically, people throw their glance at these buildings next to Kovan MRT station just for their stunning features and beneficiary effects on life.

  • Availability of shopping complexes at the nearest spot to your place is very suitable for you. It genuinely reduces time and money.
  • Amenities like the gym, swimming pools for every person, etc. for being healthy are looked more.
  • Even the food consuming places have also been positively looked upon by the builders.
  • Schools and educational institution facility has evenly attracted a large group of people to find their survival in these areas.


Easy and convenient availability of recreational places has made this Stars of Kovan project to be well recognizable by families. It’s bright colored interiors, and outside facility has also been the reason.

Gem Residences: A Smart Choice to Book for a Condominium

Are you in search for a new apartment? Admit yourself to be the luckiest guy to go through this one. It would now acknowledge you about Gem Residences, a new condominium located along Lorong 4/5 Toa Payoh, near Braddell MRT Station in Singapore. You may have more than one apartment, or you may be in search of a shelter for the first time, just have a look on this new accommodation at

gem residences a smart choice to book for a condominium

What is a condominium?

Primarily a condominium gets owned by an individual even holding an equal share for the common plot under the arrangement of authority.

Advantages of a condominium

  • Flexibility:  you may leave it on renting others if you don’t feel like staying here or if you have a transfer job. No legal issue.
  • Zero maintenance expense: as the authority fixes maintenance staffs to look after all these.
  • Appreciations and Tax Benefits: if you are an owner, you are able to different kind of tax deductions that would not be available for the renters.

Accommodation of Gem Residences

It is expected that now you will just jump right in for a condominium and Gem Residences provides you the best features for a luxurious accommodation. It is an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium. It is also located in the central region of Singapore, the heart of the city. The authority would ensure you about its strong construction, appliances, and fittings.
Enjoy the wide range of luxurious facilities at Gem Residences – a guard house, club room, rooftop sports bar, aqua gym, chill out cabanas, fitness corners, sky gardens and many other features. The staffs and authority are always there for you to check out your needs and to fulfil them. It is your best choice to shift on to experience a lodging system of novelty where from you may boost up your tight economic condition just by collecting rent fees at the end of a month.

Opportunities for social interaction

We do not live in isolation and we also cannot we grow in isolation. We thrive in a community where we have ample opportunities to interact with others. However, sometimes we find solace in the privacy of our homes. Sturdee Residences condo strive to provide you that privacy in comfortable homes. But at the same time, there are a number of facilities available which help the residents to get to know each other and even participate in activities together.

opportunities for social interaction

Facilities for activities

The complex of Sturdee Residences contains a basketball court which is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Also, when you play against another person, you tend to turn into friends and connect with the help of the sport. The children play zone will allow the children of the families that occupy the condos to mingle with each other.

Going out with friends

Your home should be located such that either it lies in the way of the entourage’s path to the party zone or you are able to reach the place to party on your own in the least amount of time. Sturdee Residences fulfils both the criteria as it lies in the middle of the inner city. This allows it to be situated near train stations and bus stops which have a city-wide access. This means that you do not have to worry about being exhausted from the party and having to drive your car all the way to your home. You can take the help of these public transport services to reach your home at Sturdee Residences safely.

The homes available here have been designed keeping in mind the contemporary style while accounting for all the features that would help the condominiums achieve the status of a modern home with great ease. Visit official site at for more information.

Everything to know about the Peak Phnom Penh Project

The Peak Phnom Penh is a 55 storeyed development in partnership with the Shangri-La hotel. It has shopping malls, residential apartments, services for recreational activities and much more, all combined into one whole package. The Shangri-La hotel had actually appointed the Oxley Holding group in order to develop this project into a 5 star luxury hotel.

everything to know about the peak phnom penh project

A mixed development

The Peak Phnom Penh project is focused around making it a mixed condo, which means that it will include both residential units along with commercial ones like shopping malls, film theatres, restaurants and so on. The Peak Cambodia project includes well over 900 apartments, more or less around 150 retail stores and lots of hotel rooms as well. As mentioned before, there are a total of 55 storeys in the main building. This makes the Peak Cambodia figuratively a luxury hotel in the clouds. The mixed development approach of this project is so integrated that it offers a new standard of living conditions as far as residence choice is concerned.

In the heart of the city

The Peak @ Cambodia is strategically located in the heart of the Phnom city. It directly faces the Esplanade River since it stands at the city crossroads. It also happens to be very close to the main places of attraction in Phnom city. This includes the AEON mall, Naga world, the National Assembly and Australian Embassy to name a few.


There are lots of facilities provided by the Peak Phnom Penh project. Some of those facilities include:

  • A wide variety of retail shops – There is a lot to choose from in the retail shops department, including specialty restaurants, special cuisine restaurants, culinary restaurants and many others.
  • A breathtaking view of the city – The main building has a Sky garden which offers to people a stunning panoramic view of the city side.
  • Gym and fitness facilities – There are also provisions made for health and fitness of the human body. Gyms and other recreational activities are all present there in order to ensure that.