Nearby attractions of High Park Residences Fernvale

The high park condo is a much anticipated project under development. Having quite a perfect location, this residence is attracting many people around. The location is such that one has access to everything. Traveling around is not a hassle at all, thanks to the readily available transport modes. There are several places nearby which are sure to attract people. The availability of nearby attractions is a major reason for the popularity of the residence.

nearby attractions of high park residences fernvale

Nearby recreational and sports facilities

The residents of the place are able to enjoy the nearby recreational features at the Sengkang Riverside Park. The Sengkang Riverside Park attracts a lot of visitors through its fruit tree trail. There is also the Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre which has impressive sporting facilities. It is located adjacent to the revering park.


Punggol is another unique place located near the high park residences @ fernvale. The waterfront excitement and the luxuriant foliage makes it truly unique. Punggol is just a short train ride away from the residences. There are plenty of activities for keeping a person busy all the time. You can take up the hiking challenge, check out the mangosteen pavilion at Sengkang Floating Wetland or chase the sunset at the Punggol waterfront.

The Marina Country Club is also there with gallop stable offering lessons on horse riding and also staycations. Various restaurants and Cold Storage is conveniently and easily accessible. Most of the restaurants are just a few minutes away from the location of the residence.

With High Park Residences Fernvale in Singapore, you can be assured that your neighborhood is filled with great places of interest. There is a great mix of natural wonders, wildlife habitats and shopping malls located near the place. All these attractions are easily accessible. These factors combine to make the residences a great choice.