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South beach Singapore skyward city development

South Beach is a well planned, combined venture consists of residential and commercial complex located nearby Beach Road Singapore in the Downtown Core. The new construction will comprise shops, hotel, offices, and residences. The venture contains one recovery and four maintenance buildings. The venture consists of nearly 190 units, with levels up to 23 to 45, is located nearby city hall MRT station and Espalanade.The complex structure is tentatively scheduled to complete in 2016.

south beach singapore skyward city development

Features of the venture

South beach development features two new towers; each is 45 storeys and 42 storeys respectively, which includes offices, two luxury hotels, and apartments in one place. The basic conserved military mansion of the old Beach Road Camp comes under the restoration of hotel and retail outlets. The venture is extending the development area, i.e. at least 500,000 square feet for the construction of new office space and about 800 hotel rooms.

Environment and architecture

The CDL Corporation has recommended to endorse the South beach development with green technology and an environmental design to create a unique, distinctive, upscale development greatly fits with Singapore’s tropical climate. South beach development was designed by British architectural company Foster and Partners, main key idea of the award winning design structure is itcontains a large environmental filter canopy that shades the open areas, linking the buildings including two high-rise towers not only shelter the space with ventilation and air circulation beneath it. The structure of canopy increases at some space and lowers at others, resembling the wavy structure. South beach developments conversation block surrounded by canopy flutter, remaining part covers it, another part with a blocked appearance. Rainwater will be accumulated off the canopy and the towers in order to flow into an underground holding tank, without being wasted. It feature tiered gardens lined with shops, sunken courtyards and food and beverage outlets.